Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 and Onward!

Occasionally, it's good to step away from whatever it is you are doing and enter into a tangent. Speedpaints are excellent tangents. . . especially when you're at work and you need to get get it all out. So this is a quick painting inspired by Marrion Matta's fantasic panoramic photography. Tried to keep it simple, 1.5 hours . . . had to get back to work, after all! Personally, I could keep painting all day . . .


  1. My initial thought was, "Geez, Kelli! You were suppose to post a painting, not landscape photography!!!" LOL

    Crazy good, work! Now that our workstations will be in the same room. I expect to see much much MORE of your crazy good art!!!

    ONWARD 2010!!!! :P

  2. Welcome! This is hikaritoyami on DA.

    Whatever you do here, do not press the 'Next Blog>>' link. I know that's like saying don't open that box or don't look down, but heed the warning; some people put nasty things on their blogs. This is Google operated after all.

    Other than that–HAVE FUN! Read ya later.

    Pulp Scribbles

  3. Nice little blog that you've got here. I hope that you're able to get a lot of beneficial use out of it in sharing whatever you feel inclined to share with others through it. Stay well and keep drawing.

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